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Let Them Eat Cake is proud to present the 1st artist in our Arty Party series, DoGsWooD..


Let Them Eat Cake is proud to present the first artist in our Arty Party series, DoGsWooD, who will be transforming the surrounds of the Werribee Mansion into a visual treat.

DoGsWooD - Workers Hut

"The inspiration that lies at the heart of my creative process is a fascination with those intrinsic elements that connect, divide, unite and drive us as individuals and as a collective.

Working within multiple planes of interest, literal, interpretative and abstract, I am driven to create works that
engage with notions of discovery, narrative, meaning and play. The variety of techniques I employ reflect these interests, as well as demonstrating an engagement in the exploration and evolution in my own creative personality

DoGsWooD - Milk Shed

I create works for private and public display (pop up installations), as well as galleries and exhibitions. My work often sits in abandoned houses, farm sheds, warehouses and open landscapes, where it speaks to the environment in which it dwells.

I’m currently exhibiting at ‘Sculptures in the Vineyard’ then at Subsonic Music Festival, where I’ve been an Installation artist for the past 3 years" - DoGsWooD

DoGsWooD - Urban Nature