Storm In A Teacup

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Let Them Eat Cake are very excited to announce the first of our food and drink suppliers for the festival, Storm in a Teacup, who will be providing us with some amazing things from their menu below.


If you still need to buy a ticket for the festival, head to 48A Smith St in Collingwood and grab one in store for $135.

Join Storm In A Teacup today on Facebook HERE.

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Iced Jasmine Tea with Orange Blossom and Fresh Lime

Iced Sri Lankan Black Tea
with Fresh Lemon and Poached Peach

Jasmine Gin & Tonics

Turkish Delights- Iced Black Tea with Vodka, Rosewater & Soda

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The Moran- Negroni with Maidenii (Local Australian Botanical Vermouth)

Hung Yoghurt with Fruit Salad and Almond Praline.

Local Turkish Delight


Fresh Strawberry, Basil & Vodka soaked sponge, Strawberry Jelly, Earl Grey & Lavender Meringue, Whipped Cream, Almond Prailine

Fresh Cherry, Chocolate Custard, Keemun Jelly, Hazelnut Praline, Spiced Rum Soaked Chocolate Biscuit, Pashmak

Sticky Black Rice, Whipped Coconut Cream, Lime Jelly, Fresh Mango, Jasmine Macaroon (Vegan & Gluten Free)