Altruism (AUS)

Altruism is an accumulated snapshot of a lifetime built from musical influence and the resulting relationship in which life and music are met hand in hand.

Simply put, it's a response to inspiration.

The representation of an eclectic journey that has seen Melbourne born Andrew Styli follow his many musical influences down the most varied of paths. Music producer to audio engineer, Dj to sound designer, children's entertainer to musical therapistā€¦ with an equally diverse and expansive list of live performance credits and accomplishments.

A life's worth of individually unique experiences are drawn upon and woven into the fabric of the experimentally expressive music of Altruism, ambiguously shifting through an eclectic array of electronic genres sometimes defined, and often times not.

Originating in the core belief that we are all vibrationally interconnected, Altruism translates the resounding harmony between frequency and language into a universal communication of seismic poetry resonating in the unspoken word and celebrating life, emotion, energy and consciousness.

Altruism has previously played support for artists such as LTJ Bukem, Prefuse 73, DJ QBert, Lusine, Bluetech, Baths, Bird Of Prey and moreā€¦